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Make your projects come true


Our process starts with brainstorming on a concept. We prefer direct engagement with our clients when it comes to the aesthetics and functionality of a particular design. Our clients satisfaction in both the performance and the look and feel of their product is our highest priority. Typically we produce conceptual 3D models and over a series of design reviews, we are able to refine the concept into final concept that we can start engineering from.


During our design process we begin with a formal plan of the process. We map our every facet of the design and set a course of expectations that our clients have direct involvement with. This allows us to produce a design that is consistent with the conceptual drawings as well as meeting our clients requirements. We conduct a series of design reviews with our clients as we hit milestone within our design phase. This provides opportunities to evaluate the design as it progresses and ultimately achieve total client satisfaction.


During the prototype phase, we produce prototypes of all components that will be integrated into the final design. We typically run the prototyping concurrently with the design phase (our just slightly behind) so as we achieve milestones, we are also able to evaluate working parts. This allows us to catch any functionality issues as well as ensuring manufacturability of the design to keep the cost of production as low as possible and a high level of throughput in our fabrication facility.


This is the final phase in our process. At this point, we have fully engineered our clients design. We have functional prototypes and any manufacturability issues or concerns have been addressed. Our clients satisfaction is always our highest priority but keeping designs cost effective and with a high level of manufacturability is also key to our clients and ours success. We pride ourselves on functionality and serviceability. We also pride ourselves on our ability to run low volume projects right alongside high volume projects in our fabrication facility. The old saying “there is not job to big or too small” holds very true to our core values.